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We want to communicate to all residents and homeowners, we are developing new tools for better labor and communication in the neighborhood, our new email is buckleighcommunity@gmail.com 
We have also created a new phone number 980-285-8264  this phone only receive text messages and voice mails, but we promise that in a period of 48 hours, a committee member will contact with you.
In March 2015 came into effect our new website www.buckleighcommunity.weebly.com

Thank you!
Queremos comunicar a todos los residentes y Dueños de casa, que estamos desarrollando nuevas herramientas de trabajo y comunicacion para el vecindario, nuestro nuevo email es el  buckleighcommunity@gmail.conm
Tambien hemos creado un nuevo telefono 980-285-8265, este telefono recibira solo mensajes de texto y mensajes de voz, nosotros nos comprometemos a respondarle en un periodo no mayos a 48 horas,
En el mes de Marzo 2015 entrara en funcionamiento nuestra nueva website www.buckleighcommunity.weebly.com
Our community website was developed by Buckleigh HOA Board of Directors to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.

 "The mission of the Buckleigh Homeowners Association is to increase the sense of community within our neighborhood and to provide our homeowners with a community that is attractive, family-oriented and safe to enhance our lifestyle and property values. "

Nuestra página web ha sido desarrollada por la comunidad Buckleigh HOA Junta Directiva para servir como un recurso informativo tanto para nuestro vecindario y nuestra comunidad. Por favor, no dude en contactarnos y hacernos llegar susccomentarios y sugerencias.

"La misión de la Asociación de Propietarios Buckleigh es aumentar el sentido de comunidad dentro de nuestro vecindario y ofrecer a nuestros propietarios de viviend,una comunidad atractiva, orientado a la familia y segura, y así mejorar nuestro estilo de vida y los valores de la propiedad".

~ Neighborhood News ~
Due to the incident that occured in the playground we are currently working to repair the items destroyed. In the meantime any children playing at the playground will do so at their own risk.
Our Property Manager
Miss Reem Rakes is our Property Manager from William Douglas Management Co.  Please direct all questions and quarterly dues to the new management company at 704-347-8900 or email Reem at rrakes@wmdouglas.com.
La Srta. Reem Rakes es nuestra nueva "Property Manager" de Williams Douglas Management Co. Para cualquier pregunta o pagos trimestrales favor llamar al 704-347-8900 o enviar un e-mail a Reem al
Recuerde que usted puede realizar los pagos trimestrales del HOA online, registrandose en la siguiente pag:
Your HOA Board is always in need of volunteers to help with community committees.  The Board works hard to keep the community going, looking nice, planning events, and taking action on issues that arise.  However, we are only a few and we cannot do it alone.  If you have any interest at all in any of the following committees, please contact us immediately:  
  • Social
  • Safety
  • Newsletter/Website
  • Architectural Review
  • Landscape
Won't you please consider helping your community?  Get involved, get out of the house and make a difference.  This is an opportunity to network and meet new people.  Whether you like to plan events, write articles or have a green thumb, we need you.  If you think you might be interested in serving on one of the committees listed above, contact the Buckleigh HOA at:
El comite del HOA, siempre esta necesitando de Voluntarios para ayudar en diferentes actividades en nuestra comunidad. El comite trabaja duro para mantener la comunidad, haciendola lucir linda, planeando eventos, tomando accion en sus preocupaciones, como sea, nosotros solos NO podemos hacerlo.
Si usted esta interesado en participar en algunas areas como:
  • Social
  • Seguridad
  • Reparto de boletines, website
  • Etc
Solo tiene que comunicarse con nosotros enviandonos un e-mail a:
                                     TRASH IN THE COMMUNITY  
Keep our community clean -- please use trash receptacles and DO NOT DUMP anywhere on communtiy property.
Mecklenburg County (as well as our covenants) specify that pet owners must have their pets on leashes. When walking your pets, please be sure they are leashed on a visible leash, not an invisible one and POOPER SCOOPER laws also apply -- to EVERYONE!!! This means that the owner is required to pick up after their pets even if it is on common areas. Pet waste bags and disposal cans are provided throughout the community for that purpose so please use them. It is extremely unsightly to see dog droppings when walking through the community. Please pick up after your pets.
DO NOT PARK ON THE STREETS OR SIDEWALKS. We have provided warnings to the community so if you park anywhere but your garage or driveway you will be subject to towing and/or fines. If your vehicle is towed please call A.R.T. Towing Company 704-537-7355.
Help us keep costs down...please obey the covenants of our association. Obeying the covenenants means less violations letters to be sent and less fines to collect, resulting in less liens against property owners. If you are in need of a copy of the Buckleigh Rules Handbook, contact William Douglas Management Co. at the number listed above.
Again, we remind ALL residents, whether homeowners or renters, that they must abide by the county LEASH LAWS. If you are spotted walking your dog without a leash, you are subject to fines by both the HOA and Animal Care and Control. Please be a responsible pet owner -- we do not need anymore dog attacks in this community as we have already had too many. BE SURE that you dog is SECURELY fenced or tethered with a chain and ALWAYS pickup after your dog.
                                        UNIVERSITY CITY PARTNERS
Visit www.UniversityCityClt.org to get the latest information on what's happening in the University area.
                                             REPORT STREET LIGHT OUTAGES
ATTENTION RESIDENTS:  If there is a street light out in the community, please use the following link below to report it directly to Duke Power. Most of the street lights in Buckleigh are maintained by Duke Power and it is easier for residents to report the outage to them using the form contained in the link below.  Thank you.
Atencion Residentes:
Si hubiese algun problema con las luces exteriores (postes) en la comunidad, por favor reportelo directamente a Duke Power. Ellos son los encargados de dar el servicio y manteniemiento:
When having a YARD SALE, please remember to remove your signage after the sale is over. Too often signs are left on poles and street corners for weeks after the event is over, making the area unsightly and unattractive.
Cuando tenga un Yard sale, por favor recuerde remover los letreros colocados a lo largo de la comunidad, cuando su evento haya terminado. Muchos Carteles no son removidos aveces por semanas, haciendo lucir a la comunidad nada atractiva.
There is a "Classified Ads" section on our website that residents are encouraged to use to advertise their businesses or items for sale.  This service is free so take advantage of the opportunity.  See the Classified section for more info.
En nuestra Website, en la seccion de clasificados los residentes de nuestra comunidad podran anunciar sus negocios o vender algun producto. Este servicio es "Gratis"



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